How to shake up your fitness routine


exercise ball
Exercise equipment

Improved fitness and better health can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, increase lung capacity and help you to lose weight whilst toning up. These are just a few of the benefits of following a weekly fitness routine.

If your goal is to improve your health, lose weight and increase your energy levels, the physical health area is your first step.

Including some form of physical activity in your weekly routine is essential to your health and helps you to tone up, build muscle and strength and burn fat. Exercise reduces feelings of lethargy, improves your mood and helps to prevent disease too.

It is a myth that weightlifting will turn you into a macho body builder. Muscles need oxygen to work, weak muscles need more oxygen and that’s makes you breathless and feel sluggish. Using weights or resistance bands as part of your training routine will strengthen your muscles, reduce breathlessness and make you feel more able to do things. Building muscle strengthens the heart and lungs, reduces breathlessness, increases stamina and lifts your mood making you feel more energised.

Combining cardio exercises with weight training, increases tone and burns more calories. Doing both regularly can lead to amazing results.

Cardio exercises you can include in your routine:

Weight training for health
  • Aerobics / Body Attack / Zumba
  • Running / brisk walk
  • Spin class / cycling
  • Playing sport – football / hockey





If you are new to exercise or haven’t done any for a while, start off slowly. Introduce a daily 20 min walk, build up your pace, add more time gradually. If using weights start low and build up the number of repetitions rather than going for heavier weights. Progress to heavier weights when and if you feel you want to.

Shake up your routine.

  • Exercise balls are good for core strength as is doing the plank.
  • Yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises are all good for flexibility and strengthening muscles.

    Yoga pose
  • Join a gym – When joining a gym, you usually get a fitness assessment and a programme to follow to get you started. Some gyms employ personal trainers that you pay separately for sessions. Memberships usually include fitness classes and sometimes a pool.
  • Find your local swimming pool, swimming is a good all-round exercise and is a better form of cardio exercise for people with conditions like arthritis as it puts less pressure on bones and joints.
  • Join a local sports group – football, rounders, netball, hockey.
  • Join a local running group – you can find them on Google and Facebook pages.
  • Many community centres have fitness classes paid weekly if you don’t want to commit to a membership.
  • Search the internet for websites with exercise and nutritional information, YouTube, Joe Wicks –,,, dumbbells, resistance bands, walking, running, cycling.

    Early morning run
  • Wake up early and go for a brisk 20-minute walk or instead of getting home and sitting in front of the tv all night, go for your walk then.

Nutrition and health

Nutrition is also important when looking to improve your physical health. Record daily eating on an app like MyNetDiary, you can record what you eat on the free version and see how many calories you are eating and where you can make improvements.


  • Preparing healthy meals does not need to be time consuming. Frozen fruits and vegetables are a quick and easy way to cook a nutritious meal, they cut down preparation time and are fresh as they are picked and frozen quickly.
  • Try snacking on fruit instead of crisps.
  • Cut down on sugary drinks and alcohol.
Exercise and healthy eating

Nutrition Links

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