Values, Attitudes, Beliefs

Our values are learned and influence what we expect and how we expect ourselves and others to behave.

Our attitudes are based on what we expect from the world around us and how we respond when our expectations are not met.

Our beliefs are developed by our values, they are what we believe about ourselves, of others, about what is right or wrong.


Honesty, belonging, cooperation, punctuality, discipline, consistency, loyalty, gratitude.


Appreciative of others, a sense of being better than others, easily defeated, critical of others, willing to try new things, having a negative outlook, taking responsibility for your action, hard-working, being respectful.


I am not intelligent enough, I’m rubbish at sport, I am more fashionable than others, he should be grateful for my help, all dogs are vicious, all men are selfish, all women are hysterical, I know the best way to get things done, ghosts are real, he shouldn’t be doing that, she should go to college for the best chance in life.